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  • Balanced

    We carefully balance each blend so that your carnivore gets the right proportion of muscle meat, ground bone, and organs in every meal. And we don’t use trimmings — we only use the very best cuts of muscle meat and organ. To say we’re picky when it comes to quality is an understatement, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!


    Raw by Bailey Blu is prepared in MAPAQ certified facilities. MAPAQ is the Quebec governmental body responsible for the regulation of production, preparation, distribution, commercialization and consumption of agricultural and farming products. In order to be eligible for MAPAQ certification, all facilities producing products destined for animal consumption must be regularly inspected and rigidly adhere to all necessary regulations put forth by MAPAQ.

  • Human Grade

    It’s all about quality here at Raw by Bailey Blu! and it is what truly sets us apart from the competition: we believe that if it’s good enough to nourish your family, it’s good enough for your pet. All of our meat is certified human grade, as well as CFIA and/or MAPAQ certified.

  • Free Range

    Free range for happier and healthier animals!

  • Nutritious

    We believe that food shouldn’t just sustain our pets, but nourish them. And that’s why all of our blends are 100% raw.

  • Grass Fed

    Cows and deer munching on grass all day: feeding a species appropriate diet isn’t just important for cats and dogs!

  • Eco-Friendly

    Not only are our containers and labels completely biodegradable & compostable (fabulous!) but they also require markedly less energy to manufacture and ship than all other petroleum based plastic containers (77% less CO2 emissions and 56% less energy, if we want to get specific). Made from renewable corn, Raw by Bailey Blu is committed to doing what we can to keep things green and lessen our carbon footprint!


  • Grains

    Did you know dogs and cats don’t naturally produce enough pancreatic enzymes to efficiently digest grains? Raw by Bailey Blu is 100% grain free. You won’t find grains like corn and rice which are commonly used as cheap calorie substitutes for quality animal protein. No grains makes good sense!

  • Fillers

    We don’t do fillers. Our blends only contain what your carnivore needs to thrive, nothing more, nothing less. No grains, no by-products and no preservatives!

  • Hormones

    Animals raised without the use of growth hormones are proven to be much healthier – we don’t just care about what your pet eats, we also care about what their food eats too!

  • Steroids

    Animals raised without the use of steroids are proven to be much healthier. That’s why Raw by Bailey Blu only sources meat that are raised without the use of steroids.

  • Bone Meal

    Bone meal is a highly processed product that is most commonly used in raw foods as a source of calcium and phosphorous; these products often vary greatly in mineral composition, are typically imported from China and sometimes exceed safe maximum limits for lead or other heavy metals. Because bones are an essential part of a balanced raw diet, why use bone meal when we can use the real thing? Raw bones for stronger bones!

  • Nonsense

    Raw by Bailey Blu meat blends do not contain any added fats, artificial colours or flavors. What you see is what you get. We don’t muck around!

  • Preservatives

    Did you know that artificial preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA are commonly used in processed, commercial pet foods and have been linked to various cancers, and organ dysfunction disease in both cats and dogs? Our blends are 100% preservative free!

Duck Meat

Our duck meat is Brome Lake Peking Duck and comes from Knowlton, Quebec. These ducks are raised naturally in special temperature-controlled, ventilated buildings and are free to roam. They are never force fed and always have access to fresh water. Duck is a novel protein, making it a great choice for sensitive or allergic pets.

Chicken Meat

Our chicken meat comes from the heart of the Montérégie plains, Quebec. These chickens are raised free range, are grain fed, 100% hormone and steroid free and air chilled. Chicken is a great starting meat for pets transitioning to a raw diet. It is highly palatable and an excellent source of protein.

Beef Meat

Our beef meat comes from the picturesque Outaouais Region, Quebec. These cows are raised in a natural wooded habitat, are grass fed and are 100% hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. Beef is a popular protein for both dogs and cats for its palatability. It is a lean red meat and a great option to feed in rotation with other proteins.

Kangaroo Meat

Our wild Kangaroo meat is responsibly sourced from an open range environment where kangaroos graze on natural pastures. As a result of grazing in the wild, the meat is free from antibiotics, added growth hormones and added chemicals.

Apart from being a novel protein and a great choice for pets with allergies, Kangaroo meat is also a very lean and healthy red meat is the highest known dietary sourced of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). It is a naturally occurring free fatty acid that is a potent antioxidant. CLA is credited with reducing inflammation, improving the immune system and aids in weight loss.

Turkey Meat

Our turkey meat comes from the heart of the Montérégie plains, Quebec. These turkeys are raised free range, are grain fed, 100% hormone and steroid free and air chilled. Turkey is a great option for pets who have shown a sensitivity to chicken. It is a lean meat and is low in fat, low in sodium and high in protein.

Pork Meat

Our Pork is locally sourced in Quebec and is ethically raised. Pork is considered a lean red meat and is a safe and fantastic source of digestible protein. It's a hit with both cats and dogs and a great option for anyone looking to add a bit more variety to their carnivore's diet.

Venison Meat

Our venison meat comes from the picturesque Outaouais Region, Quebec. These deer are raised in a natural wooded habitat, are grass fed and are 100% hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. Another novel protein, it’s a great choice for those dogs and cats that prefer red meats, but can’t tolerate beef.

Rabbit Meat

Our rabbit comes from Ontario. It is 100% hormone and steroid free! Rabbit is another lean protein; producing light colored, fine grained meat. It is often a good substitute for poultry meat in sensitive and allergic animals because of its novelty. It is lower in fat than duck, but is high in protein. And did we mention ridiculously yummy?