The adage 'we are what we eat' is absolutely spot on. Raw by Bailey Blu believes in feeding species appropriate diets; and for carnivores, that means feeding a varied, balanced diet of good quality meat. Despite domestication, feline and canine physiology has not evolved to support the processing of carb heavy foods, and their nutritional requirements are the same as their wolf and wildcat cousins. Simply put, domestication has done nothing to change their internal anatomy.

Regrettably for our dogs and cats, commercial bagged convenience foods are the primary reason behind the rising number of cases of chronic digestive upset, allergies, obesity, diabetes, pancreatic insufficiencies, and kidney problems. These ailments are directly related to the feeding of carbohydrate heavy kibbles with zero moisture content and are often completely treatable and avoidable with an appropriate change in diet.

A few of the very real benefits of a raw food diet include: a healthier, shinier coat, which means less shedding; no more tear staining or yeasty smelling ears; reduced allergy symptoms including obsessive scratching, biting of paws and ear infections; healthy bladder and kidneys; markedly less fecal waste with smaller, less frequent and nowhere near as smelly poops; a healthy, stable weight; stronger teeth and bones; an overall healthier and stronger immune system.