Benefits of Raw Feeding

So, what are the benefits of a raw diet for my dog/cat?

Can my puppy/kitten eat raw? Aren’t they too young?

But what about domestication: Can they still handle a raw diet?

But doesn't my dog/cat need grains/carbohydrates in their diet?

I am concerned about Salmonella. Isn’t this a problem for dogs and cats? Is there a risk of cross-contamination?

Doesn’t my dog/cat need dry food to keep their teeth clean?

I have heard many a story about bones being bad for dogs/cats. Are the stories true?

Raw by Bailey Blu

Why raw by Bailey Blu?

Why puree vegetables, and why are they blended raw?

Do I have to supplement my cat’s diet with taurine?

Do you add vitamin & mineral supplements to your feed?

Which blends should I offer my dog/cat? Is variety important?

Getting Started

How do I transition to raw?

Should I cook the meat?

When is the best time to feed my dog/cat?

How often should I feed my adult dog?

How often should I feed my adult cat?

Can I mix the raw meat with dry kibble?

Should I feed my dog recreational bones? Are they safe?

Can my cat eat recreational bones?

What to do when:

My dog/cat just threw up.

My dog/cat is drinking less water throughout the day.

My dog/cat is pooping less and it turns white.

My dog/cat is constipated.

My dog no longer needs its anal glands expressed.

My dog/cat just recently faced a bout of urinary crystals.

My dog/cat won’t eat the raw meat.