I’ve shopped in different places before and I must say this is truly the best store in town. Friendly owner and staff and let's not forget their wonderful host, Natalie's dog Blu who greets us at the door. My cat Charlie adores their wide variety of raw food!

I took Chloe for a walk early this morning and she picked up speed as we approach Bailey Blu. The store was closed and Chloe cried a little. She loves Bailey Blu so much!! I think it's her second home!

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Testimonials What our clients say

When we adopted Billy, our Golden Doodle from Rosie Animal Adoption, he was almost a year old and it hadn’t been a good one (until he was saved by Rosie). Along with behavioral problems, he had digestion issues and for eight months we tried different kinds of dry and wet dog food with no luck. Until we happened upon Bailey Blu. Switching to their raw diet stabilized his digestion and alleviated his discomfort. Our older cat was also transitioned to raw and is doing very well.

The people at Bailey Blu have always been helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. We live in another part of town and make the trip every three weeks or so to pick up food and supplies and have recommended many of our friends and clients to them. Their expertise and good nature generate loyalty. And we also get to visit Blu, who sometimes is supervising the store!

Dot & Andy C.

My cat Tyler is a diabetic senior, with many allergies. I couldn't find an appropriate food for him in my city, so as a last resort, I sat at my computer and began researching options in tears... I required both a limited ingredient and low-carb food, but not one of the stores in my area had what I needed !

By some miracle I found Bailey Blu online - the wonderful staff at Bailey Blu have been a lifesaver for Tyler. They are always happy to help and go out of their way to do so. They have an incredible selection of quality foods and, most importantly to Tyler, the one food he can eat and thrive on. Every month they ship an order to us in Ontario and I can rest easier knowing that these amazing people care so much about their customers' health and well-being. I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful store with such caring staff! I wish I lived in the same city so I could thank you all in person. Thank you to everyone at Bailey Blu!

Charlotte M.

When you think of Bailey Blu, you don't just think of a store. What Natalie and the team have created within those four walls in NDG & DDO is far more then just a place for pet food and supplies.

Both locations offer irreplaceable advice, amazing service and a one of a kind experience. When you walk in the door you're greeted with smiles and if you’ve been there more than once, by name (trust me if this is your first visit it won't be your last.) Their products are a notch above the rest – whether its their food, supplements or clothing. But where they really excel is their one of a kind service; you won't find anything even close anywhere else.

If it weren't for their continued advice and support, I can guarantee that our little Kally wouldn't be with us today. I promise you will not be disappointed by choosing Bailey Blu and please, while your there, give Blu a nice scratch behind the ear!

Cory C.

I have been a Bailey Blu customer since they opened and Natalie has been a life saver for me in so many ways. She has educated me on the importance of species appropriate diet for my 2 cats and 2 dogs (yes I have 4 animals!!!!!) and helped me with specific issues. One of my dogs in particular, has many health issues being a “puppy mill” dog. Natalie helped me tremendously by patiently instructing me on what I should feed her, and referring me to a host of specialists that truly saved her life. She is 15 and going strong. People think my dogs are still puppies because they are in amazing shape. Bailey Blu is the best animal resource in Montreal.

Heather Weisz

Of all the places I've visited for pet related items, Bailey Blu is the best. Every person working there has been so generous with their time and expertise. I go there each week with my dog Django to pick up his food, treats and other necessities. Bailey Blu has a great selection of pet foods and accessories but most importantly, they have great people working there. I tell all the pet owners I know about them and I will continue to be a loyal customer for many years to come.

Thank you for all your help with Django.

Jason N.

I remember the first time I walked into Bailey Blu. We had just moved into the city and our household consisted of two of us humans, Lucia the dog and Mamie the mother cat (not sure of her age but we think around 15 now) with three of her kittens (now 8 years old). I was looking for advice on how to make their physical lives better, all of them: loose stool was an ongoing issue for all of them, while Bob the Cat, had a history of urinary tract blockages. Happy was overweight and over grooming herself leading to frequent hairball problems and Mamie, who had been a barn cat (eating what she hunted for) before we welcomed her into our home, had frequent, especially wet, poops after eating kibble that her body could not handle...

When it comes to passion and a love for what you do, Natalie and her team have it ten fold. I honestly felt wrapped up into a blanket of “we’ve got you and we’re glad to help”, and I found answers and guidance worth of the love I had for my animals. Priceless. Leaving Bailey Blu that December morning, 3 years ago, I felt invigorated by the knowledge I had gained and the confidence to now help these lovely creatures myself.

Following Bailey Blu’s advice on how to make a successful transition from kibble to raw, I can honestly say that my feline friends are much happier beings. Their coat is so shiny it glistens, and their poops!!!! they are so much easier to clean since they are half the size and hard. The variety of raw available eat Bailey Blu is extraordinary; the ingredients are of premier quality, and everything is ground and blended in-house. The product is as fresh as the service.

We love you Bailey Blu! You’re a source of inspiration for the cause of animal welfare!

(Lucia would also like you to know how much she loves her visits to the shop and all the goodies she gets from you!)


Julie L.

With Jim T., Mamie, Lucy, Happy, Bob & Lucia

No better company or staff than at Bailey Blu.

After having unsuccessfully tried everything under the sun to relieve my cat Lynx of her severe dry skin/dander, I was feeling hopeless and frustrated. No matter the season, her black coat had a permanent white dusting of dry skin over it. I tried grooming, changing her food to expensive vet brands that I was assured would help (THEY DIDN’T), and I even tried specialty sprays and lotions to help her now very irritated skin (from scratching all the time) but NOTHING HELPED. Lynx was constantly irritated and in (what I could only imagine) pain from the scabs and scratches, and it just broke my heart.

Saki, my other cat who was 4 years old at the time, had her own set of issues – she was very overweight. Despite switching foods too many times to count, nothing was working.

I was about to give up on everything when a friend of mine told me about how she feeds her cat raw food. We sat around one night talking about it and I made the decision that the next day I was going to pay Bailey Blu a visit and see what they had to say. I was FLOORED with the information they provided me with and by the staff that helped me.

Natalie and her staff answered every single question I had, stupid or not. They explained how hard it might be to transition them from kibble to raw (as Lynx loved wet food already but Saki could care less for it). They assured me that although it would be a long process, it would be worth it.

I can’t thank Bailey Blu enough for coaching me on this journey. Both cats have lost weight and are now healthier than ever before. No more dry skin, the healthiest and SOFTEST coats, more energy than I can handle at times and NO MORE stinky litter.

Krista Ménard

Lynx & Saki

I have two husky mixes, and I've been feeding Bailey Blu's raw for the last 5 years at least. Not only do they love it, but they are as healthy and happy as any dog I've ever had. Natalie and the entire staff at Bailey Blu have been a big help with all my needs over the years, from diet alternatives after an emergency surgery on one of my dogos, to new leashes, collars, and dishes. So happy to have them nearby.

Matt R.

Bailey Blu is an amazing store! I have been shopping there for 4 years and it is the only place I will buy food and treats for my dogs – they offer brands and products that are truly nutritional. The staff is always helpful and willing to go above and beyond for their furry customers and if my fur babies could talk, I know they would say that they love Bailey Blu - especially because the staff is VERY generous with their samples!

All the best,

Samantha B.

I’ve always had Golden Retrievers - currently loving #4 and #5 (Sunny and Kumi) - and when I lost my last dog at the young age of 7 from an undiagnosed illness, I promised myself, and my future dogs, that I would explore healthier options going forward.

I had been hearing about the benefits of a raw diet for years, but stayed away from it. I didn’t understand it, and I never thought to question the status quo of packaged dry food because as far as I was concerned, everything was fine. That is until Kumi started developing severe allergies - by the time he was 2 years old, he was spending the majority of the warmer months on steroids and antibiotics and often had to sleep with a cone so he couldn’t aggravate his condition.

One day a fellow dog owner, V, whom I walk the dogs with on occasion, explained to me that her dog was also prone to allergies, but after switching to a raw diet (Raw by Bailey Blu) the symptoms were much improved. She encouraged me to visit Bailey Blu and speak with Natalie.

Natalie spent time going over my concerns; never once making me feel bad for expressing my fears. My biggest fear was very simply that I didn’t know what I was doing! I am a vegetarian, and the thought of dealing with all the raw meat was not something I was looking forward to! She spoke to me patiently for hours, explaining the principles of a raw diet, why she believes in it, and the difference it could make to my guy’s health. She encouraged me to speak to other educators - she didn’t come across as a zealot but rather as someone who passionately believes in species appropriate diets and her product.

When I finally took the plunge into Bailey Blu’s raw, it was simple. Natalie has created recipes that ensure a balanced, nutritious diet for each of my dogs, who have very separate metabolisms. They are individually meal packaged, and come in many variations. There is also a freeze dried food option that is a healthy, wonderful alternative to raw. It becomes very easy.

Sunny and Kumi have never had fewer digestive problems (like, none!). Their coats are shiny, their teeth are lovely, their dispositions are easy and Kumi’s allergies are much more easy to control. Last year was the first summer of his adult life that he did not need any antibiotics!

Naysayers might question Natalie’s expertise but hey! packaged dog food is a big business that also requires blind trust. My previous dogs have always had big health issues and passed fairly young. There are no guarantees but I love my dogs and really feel that this is the best I can do for them. I feel that this is the healthiest diet my dogs have ever had. I would not hesitate to recommend this diet, Natalie or her staff to any dog owner.S he even delivers locally!


My experiences with Bailey Blu have been nothing but positive. The staff are incredibly attentive and helped me figure out the proper diet‘s for my 18-month-old dog Goose and two senior cats Aerie (12 yrs) and Pepper (16yrs). I was at a loss as to what to do with my dogs diet (after speaking to a few vets AND other pet stores), the staff helped me make informed decisions about the right products and nutrition for my pets. One of my two cats (Aerie) was quite overweight and since I’ve started her on a raw diet her whole personality and temperament changed. I have never seen Aerie this happy! She’s very cuddly, she’s running around and playing like I haven’t seen her do since she was a kitten, and she’s definitely dropping the weight healthily! Pepper absolutely loved the raw food right off the bat and she’s gained much needed muscle and weight! Their fur is INCREDIBLY soft and they overall seem the healthiest they’ve ever been. The staff at Bailey Blu was there every step of the way, which I’m very grateful for! They are incredibly knowledgable and I’m so grateful I found Bailey Blu! They have an array of products, from toys and treats, to shampoo and harnesses, it’s definitely my favourite pet store! Anyone who has questions about nutrition or is looking for quality raw food OR dry food for their pets, I would absolutely recommend Bailey Blu.

Lily Scott Casablancas