I’ve shopped in different places before and I must say this is truly the best store in town. Friendly owner and staff and let's not forget their wonderful host, Natalie's dog Blu who greets us at the door. My cat Charlie adores their wide variety of raw food!

I took Chloe for a walk early this morning and she picked up speed as we approach Bailey Blu. The store was closed and Chloe cried a little. She loves Bailey Blu so much!! I think it's her second home!

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Not all raw diets are created equal. Raw by Bailey Blu strongly believes that equal parts quality, variety and balance are the keys to optimum health and longevity. Our philosophy is simple: feeding a species appropriate diet is the very foundation of well-being and that we have a responsibility to feed our carnivorous companion animals a diet they were designed to consume. But what sets us apart from other raw food companies? We are committed to providing Montreal’s cats and dogs with the best quality, balanced, human grade raw meat diets available anywhere else in the city. And that means using only the best cuts of muscle meat, real ground bone, fresh vegetables and a variety of organ meats, including heart, liver and kidney. Our meat and organ blends are all properly balanced to ensure your pet gets the nutrition they need in every meal without the use of fillers or preservatives. And while we offer the standard proteins (chicken, turkey, beef and fish), we also believe in variety, which is why we have the most extensive selection of artisanal mixed meat blends in the city. We are also especially proud that Raw by Bailey Blu controls every aspect of production: all of our ingredients are locally sourced, ground and packaged in eco friendly compostable containers by owner Natalie Gore and her Raw by Bailey Blu team, right here in Montreal. Most importantly, we’re not just here to sell you food – our customer service is second to none and we are truly here as a support system for our customers. We offer free consultations, individualized meal plans, follow up calls and lots of patience and understanding!