Not Ready for Raw?

Don't sweat it! We're here to help.

Not ready for raw but looking for the healthiest food option for your pet? Have a picky eater? We’ve got everything from air dried meat diets, to canned, to the best dry foods on the market, that are sure to satisfy your pet!

K9 Natural

K9 Natural Order

K9 & Feline Natural are the newest freeze dried, raw, dog & cat diets to hit our shelves and we couldn’t be more pleased! Hailing from the green pastures of New Zealand, K9 & Feline Natural’s lamb, beef and venison formulas have proven to be ridiculously tasty and are a fantastic option for any pet!


Orijen Freeze Dried Order

Orijen’s new freeze dried formulas have proven to be a real hit, offering dogs all the benefits of a balanced, fresh diet, coupled with the added convenience of feeding and storage. Just add a little water and you’re good to go!

Stella & Chewy's Order

Stella & Chewy’s is finally available in Canada and it is definitely one of the very best freeze dried cat and dog diets on the market. Offering tons of variety, for both picky and sensitive pets, Stella & Chewy’s is minimally processed, balanced, and super tasty!

ZiwiPeak Order

Ziwi Peak calls itself ‘raw without the thaw’ and is always our go to food for those customers who either aren’t quite for the raw diet, or who already feed a raw diet and need a convenience food for travel or simply as a back up. Ziwi Peak is highly palatable, 100% grain free and comes both in an air dried meat form (similar to small jerky squares) and in a can. Ziwi Peak is a fantastic option for diabetic dogs and cats because it does not contain any carbohydrates and for those pets who have protein sensitivities to more common meats such as chicken and beef.

Orijen, Acana, Go! Natural Order

We carry the best dry foods on the market, bar none. They are grain free, contain high quality animal protein, cooked a low temperatures and a solid option for pet of any age and activity level. Because these dry foods do not contain filler, they are very nutrient dense and a little goes a long way. They offer a variety of protein formulas and are a great option for dogs and cats with grain and protein sensitivities.

Dog & Cat Cans Order

We carry the largest selection of grain free cans in all the city! We have minced, we have chunks and we have pates! We have stews and we have toppers. Oh and tripe! Can’t forget the tripe! Perfect for even the finickiest of our beloved cats and dogs.

And if and when you are ready for raw, we’ll be there to help you transition your animal every step of the way! We promise!