Opening Bailey Blu was the best decision I ever made. Not only is my work immensely rewarding, but over the last two years, the people I have met through the store have enriched my life in a multitude of ways, many of them becoming dear friends. I am incredibly thankful and thrilled to work with a group of people who are as equally passionate about nutrition as I am; their dedication and commitment to Bailey Blu warms my heart. It’s not everyday you find a group of employees who are so on board! And bonus? They love Blu as much as I do. What a lucky vizsla!


For as long as I can remember I have wanted a dog, and when I picked up Fox from the breeder, you can imagine that I only wanted the best for him. And ‘the best’ starts with nutrition. I looked into different diets for dogs and tried a little bit of everything for years, doing my best to avoid kibble entirely. I have always wanted to feed an all raw diet to my dog but didn’t feel I had enough information and support to do so properly.

Then by chance I came across a little store called Bailey Blu. I met Natalie for the first time and gave her my resume. That day, after leaving Bailey Blu, I felt assured and ready to try raw. I’m glad that my concerns were addressed and finally had found support from people who not only feed raw to their own pets but made the food themselves.

Within the first week of eating raw my dog had a renewed energy level. His coat was shinier and he started to shed less. By the end of the first 3 weeks on raw he lost the two extra pounds that he needed to lose. A dog who was in good health improved to optimal health and is now more vibrant, energetic and muscular. Fox has been on raw for over a year and my only regret is that I did not get him onto a raw diet sooner. I’m proud to be part of the Bailey Blu team. Fox and I could not be happier with Raw by Bailey Blu.


As a recent graduate of the Wildlife Biology program at McGill University, I’ve spent countless hours studying animal physiology, animal nutrition, and predator-prey interactions in depth, and I quickly found myself drawn to the world of the 'big cats'. Lucky enough for me, during my studies I landed an internship with Big Cat Rescue - the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated solely to abused and abandoned big cats - and while I was there, I took part in all aspects of animal care.

One of my primary tasks was to both prepare and distribute food and I spent hours upon hours chopping up beef and chicken carcass for the many lions, tigers, servals, and other exotic cats. I was taught the specific quantities of meat for each species/individual animal and why it was important to follow these guidelines.

Despite the extensive training I received with regards to obligate carnivore physiology and their unique nutritional requirements, Gary and Mini, my two lovely house cats, continued to eat the same old dry kibble day in and day out. Frustratingly, it didn't occur to me that my cats might have the same nutritional needs as the big cats at the sanctuary.

That was, until I stumbled upon Bailey Blu. Only then did all of my training regarding nutrition finally make sense in the context of my own obligate carnivorous pets. The scientist in me started researching evolutionary patterns, and I was shocked at how little house cats differed from the exotics I was working with in Florida. It was exactly as the girls at the shop had told me!

I was quick to make the transition to raw – I bought my very first container of raw following my interview. I had a feeling Mini would be an easy sell as he’s as wild as they come and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed! Gary on the other hand, who is a bit of a neophobe, took a bit of coaxing, but after a couple of weeks, he couldn't get enough!

The difference in my boys has been undeniable: they have more energy than I have ever seen before, their fur is the softest I've ever felt and my most (selfishly) favourite change has to be their nearly odorless litter box!



Before working at Bailey Blu, I was under the impression that feeding high quality dry and wet food was doing the best for my pets. Because I was feeding wet food once a day, along with their dry food, it had not occurred to me that even that was not sufficient for my cats, LeRoux and Cha Cha. Not long after I started working at Bailey Blu, one of my cats, Cha Cha, began suffering from urinary crystals. The vet had said that it was due to chronic dehydration. His chronic condition convinced me to switch both my cats onto Raw by Bailey Blu.

I instantly saw changes in both my cats’ health. Cha Cha was no longer having trouble urinating, and their fur became shiny, healthy and plush. Both cats hardly shed now, and have gained even more energy than they have previously had. Ever since the change, it has been like having kittens in the house all over again! Thanks to Raw by Bailey Blu, Cha Cha has successfully avoided having to undergo surgery that would have caused him stress, and cost thousands of dollars for me. My foster dogs also enjoy the benefits of high quality kibble and raw. Many of my foster dogs come from situations where they were fed poor quality kibble. Once they start eating Orijen along with raw several times a week, we instantly saw changes in their coat and their physique. Our current foster, Gotty came to us overweight, with severe allergies caused by poor quality foods full of grains and other fillers. After a couple months of being on Orijen and being fed raw a few times a week, she has finally regained her health. She is now at her ideal weight, no longer itches, and the redness around her gums, and armpits has disappeared. My rescue dog, Meeko, who came from a puppy mill situation, will also be enjoying the benefits of Raw by Bailey Blu, once he arrives at my home, in only a few weeks!

At Bailey Blu we are constantly learning new things, and the health of your pets is our first and foremost priority. I am happy to be working at a store where I can, with confidence, stand by all the products we sell. I love that we can help our clients and their pets.