Big thanks to CEDEC for this amazing opportunity! Winning the Grand Prize of a CBC television ad campaign is an unprecedented platform for a young and growing small business and we couldn’t be more delighted.

We’d also like to thank the fabulous production team at Goliath2 Studios Montreal (we love you Sterling!) and Kirsten Hathaway for their commitment and passion to this project. We couldn’t have done it without you!



In early September of 2012, Bailey Blu entered a Quebec based contest called Love Your Local Business, sponsored by CEDEC (the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation). The Love Your Local Business contest invited small businesses all over Quebec to participate for a chance to win a month long, 30 second television commercial campaign on the CBC. The contest included a voting component as well as an essay component.



First part of the contest: the top five contestants were chosen by popular public vote, during the course of the month. Our loyal clientele and our Facebook/Twitter fans were instrumental in our success.

Due to high traffic, we set up an in-store voting station (iPad) and our own contest to encourage voting, while our customers took it upon themselves to recruit their respective co-workers, friends and family. We even visited surrounding businesses with little flyers asking for neighborhood support and boy did we get it!

We kept things fun on Facebook/Twitter – while we posted daily reminders to vote, we also provided comic relief in the form of hilariously cute pictures of Blu (who doesn't love Blu?). And to our great surprise, we made the top 5!

Second part of the contest: the top five contestants were asked three questions by CEDEC's business jury and we were judged on the quality and substance of our answers.

Where do you see your business in 5 years? What was your strategy for winning the voting portion of the contest? And what does community mean to you?

The jury deliberated over the course of a few days and we were finally awarded the Grand Prize for our innovation in the pet food business!