Oh my goodness!! I was absolutely blown away by the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Bailey Blu. I have never been so well-informed at a pet store, EVER! They are seriously unique. They care about your pet (and you!) and really take the time with you to explain everything. It is very refreshing to get such amazing service!! I have made it practically a personal mission of mine to inform others about Bailey Blu because I was so pleased with my experience there and I think it important to give credit where it is due. Plus, everyone should be able to experience what it means to receive true customer service. Thank-you Bailey Blu.

- Elia Papas  

A couple of months ago, my vet gave me a diagnosis that a pet-owner does not ever want to hear.  After examining my cat, he confirmed that Calvin has diabetes.  Insulin injections can be very costly, extremely high-maintenance and even may not be successful.  In most cases, you would be fortunate if your cat’s life would be extended for another year or two. Since this diagnosis was caught at a very early stage, my vet suggested putting my cat on a very high-protein diet before starting with an insulin program.  As soon as I got home, I went online and spent hours researching the best diet suitable for Calvin.  I found out that the diet had to consist of high-protein muscle meat (e.g. chicken and rabbit), no gluten, no grains, no vegetables, low or no carbohydrates, a balance of organ meat, combined with fresh ground bones. Cats are carnivores – they eat meat so why should we give them anything else? I was fortunate to have a friend, who highly recommended a store called “Bailey Blu” that produced the exact cat food that I was looking for. The next morning, I walked into the store and was greeted by the owner, Natalie and her friendly companion a dog named “Blu”). I am forever grateful to Natalie, who graciously consulted with me for an hour. She answered all my questions “spot-on” and their cat food met all my requirements. Ten days after feeding my cat this special diet, I brought Calvin back to the vet for another glucose test.  You can’t imagine how relieved I was and so glad to hear that his sugar level dropped drastically.  Honestly, I was quite surprised by such an immediate reaction. As a result, insulin injections were avoided and I will now keep Calvin on this diet. I will also have his glucose level tested on a regular basis to ensure that he is on the right track. It was the best decision I made by walking into this store. My cat is like my child - it saved his life.  Hopefully, I will now enjoy him for many more happy years to come . . . and that is best gift ever! Update: Just to let you know, I took Calvin to the vet this morning to get another glucose reading on his sugar level and he is completely back to normal.  It’s absolutely amazing what this special diet has done for him! On our first visit to the vet, his reading was extremely high at 25.  After only ten days on this diet, it went down to 18 so I knew I was on the right track. This morning’s reading was 8.5 which is excellent for a normal cat. Thankfully, I caught this at an early stage so his pancreas wasn't too far gone. This was a very pleasant surprise for my vet, who was extremely impressed with the results.  He wishes that other vets would do more research on this type of food.  Also, he gladly accepted your business card that I gave him and said that he would not hesitate to recommend your food to other clients. So in less than 2 months, Calvin is doing great!  I am absolutely thrilled that this diet saved his life!

- Dale Wong  

I met the owner of Bailey Blu, Natalie Gore, while walking my dog. Since our two pets got along wonderfully, we got into the habit of walking together. That day, it turns out chance was on my side. My dog Bear is a 180 pound Leonberger who, at the time, was afflicted on an almost permanent basis by rashes and diarrhea. Natalie had the generosity to share with me her knowledge of raw nutrition, she educated and informed me and helped me during the transition from dry to raw food.  Almost immediately, Bear’s problems diminished, then ceased. I now have a perfectly healthy dog who maintains his ideal weight easily.  Montreal pet owners are very lucky to be able to benefit from a space where you can find information, support and products of impeccable quality. Thank you Natalie.

- Valerie M. and Bear  

You are so knowledgeable and I am happy to know you and have your wonderful store so close by. You are an invaluable resource [...] Proper nutrition is of the utmost importance for our babies [and] I appreciate your research, education and concern for the very best food/products we can give our animals that love us so. Thank you, Natalie, for all your help and all that you do!

- Julie A.  

Let me start by saying that I am a cat lover. I am proud to say that I have three cats of various ages running around the house: Tigger is my 16-year old tabby, Cocolino (which means Huggable in Italian) is my sweet-tempered 5-year old and Quello Bello (yes, another Italian moniker means The Beautiful One) is my 4-month old black and white loveable rascal!! Like most cat owners, I had been feeding my cats grain-based dry food. Through of series of events, I found myself considering giving them higher quality food and shopped around at a number of pet stores. Then one day, I heard a Bailey Blu radio ad. Natalie Gore (who I later found out was the owner of the store) spoke about something I was unfamiliar with…raw food for dogs and cats. I admit I had to hear the ad a few more times before deciding to heed her advice and stop by for a consultation. I found the store layout charming but mostly I was impressed by the way Natalie and her staff greeted me and answered my questions. I didn’t know anything about feeding raw food to my cats and honestly didn’t know where to start. I was told that because my cats were used to grain-based food, it could take a while to wean them off of it. They advised me on a step-by-step scenario. First, I had to get them off the grain-based diet by giving them grain-free canned food. Once that battle was won, I could moved them to the raw diet. So for the past six months, each visit to the store allowed me to learn a bit more about the benefits of raw food. Natalie, Viki and the rest of the staff were slowly educating me! I felt like I had my own special “raw food team” cheering me on during a transition that has sometimes been difficult. But the journey is paying off for my furry friends. I adopted Quello a month ago and he accepted raw food immediately. Tigger and Cocolino are getting a taste for it when just a few months ago they would walk away from their dish refusing to even smell it. The results are starting to show: all three have shiny coats, Cocolino’s loose stool problem has disappeared, Tigger’s senior body is more muscular, and their litter is less smelly. I am so happy to have stuck with it and to have been able to count on the Bailey Blu team when I wasn’t sure if I was doing things correctly. Tigger and Cocolino are not yet fully on raw food, therefore, I have a bit more work to do with them. I figure it will take a few more months. No matter, the results have been amazing. I can’t give up now. So if you are wondering if it’s all been worth it, the answer is: YOU BET. And if you are wondering if I would recommend Bailey Blu, the answer is: ABSOLUTELY. Thank you Natalie and Viki!

- Mariangela Vincenzi  

I have been a proud customer of Bailey Blu for a year now.  I am in the store every week to purchase their Raw by Bailey Blu brand of raw food for my greyhound rescue, and each time I am in there it is a great experience.  I cannot say enough about the knowledge and customer focus displayed by all employees, and the extremely respectful way in which they discuss alternative health and feeding options for your pet. Of course, the best part of any visit is playing with Blu, the owner's bouncy, happy and healthy dog who comes to work with mom. Aside from the top quality raw food, they have a trend-setting and unique selection of pet accessories that make you wish you had more pets to buy things for!  The staff at Bailey Blu is truly a team of people who love animals, love their community, know their stuff and run their business with integrity and compassion.

- Darlene W.  

My two rescue Persians are from the same litter, twins named Humphrey and Bogart. Bogart, the ginger kitty, was suffering from acute diarrhea and was in general pain not long after I adopted them 2.5 years ago. After various noninvasive measures proved unsuccessful, he underwent a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with colitis, a form of IBD. I was told that the best we could do was to keep this under control with a minimal amount of medication and a diet higher in fiber. We gradually reduced the medication, but the control was not perfect. Bogart was losing a little weight, perhaps because he was not getting the nourishment he needed. I fretted because his coat was such poor quality that the fur broke off in thin knots when combed instead of clumps of woolly undercoat that his brother had. He was looking more and more scrawny. I spoke to his vet about it and told him I was considering trying a raw diet. He left the door open for me to do so. When the packaging changed on the prescribed kibble -- he was eating both wet and dry cat food -- I checked the labeling. I was surprised at the amount of corn present and knowing it is often a source of allergic reaction in cats, I finally moved to change his diet at the beginning of October. I tossed the kibble and switched them both over to raw chicken and organs from Bailey Blu, which I mixed with some wet cat food. To my delight, they took to it immediately. I had to feed Humphrey separately to make sure he got his food because Bogart -- Bog the Inhaler, he came to be known as -- would not stop at polishing his dinner dish and pushed his brother aside to eat from his. I understand this is not uncommon when there is a nutritional deficit. There was a change in both cats, but the change in Bogart was remarkable. His eyes lit up, he was more interactive and affectionate, slept a little less, and his coat grew in thick and silky. There was not one single incident of diarrhea since he started on the raw food. He seemed to grow as big as his brother, no longer looking fragile. I no longer felt the bumps on his spine. He was buff, in a word. I took them in for their annual check up in mid-February. The vet kept saying how amazing he looked. He was in great health, went from 4.1 to 4.9 kg, needed no vaccines, no blood tests, his teeth were in good shape, and the vet told me to wean him off the medication for one month and then see how he does with no medication. I could not have been more delighted. He is doing fine so far on the half dosage. As for Humphrey, well he's just Humphrier.

- Barbara De Lorenzi  

In my view you are the best pet store in Montreal; your animal knowledge, customer service, and your beautiful dog Blu make the experience in your store wonderful!!!!

- Gail Wise  

Bailey Blu completely transformed my little Boston's life! I am so thankful to Natalie and her team for introducing me to their raw food line. My Boston was losing her hair at an alarming rate so I turned to raw food as my last resort and I haven't looked back. It's been over a year now and I can honestly say that my Boston has never looked better (and I feel good knowing that I am giving my dog nothing but the best). I also have a Maltese who is benefiting from the switch - thanks Bailey Blu!

- Kristine Goulet  

I had been toying with the idea of introducing my cats to a raw food diet for some time, but did not know enough about the nutritional value of the food to take the necessary steps. When I moved back to Montreal and began shopping for my cats at Bailey Blu, I met Natalie and Viki, and so the journey began…

First of all, they took the time to explain the science behind the diet and the process of getting the cats to transition from commercial foods to raw meat. Needless to say, the journey was rough at times, a little daunting when my cats steadfastly ignored each meal at the onset, and required patience and determination. However, Natalie and Viki encouraged me to stay on track and offered their support and knowledge to help guide me when I felt like giving in. Today, six months later, I am so happy I (we) stuck with it.

I have four cats of different breeds and sizes. Murphy and Lola were overweight from leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. Oliver, lovingly nicknamed “Swampass,” had difficulty digesting his food and regularly produced foul-smelling diarrhoea since kittenhood. Our veterinarian examined him on numerous occasions and his stools were analyzed twice, only to have it confirmed that there was nothing physically wrong with him. The veterinarian had adopted Oliver’s littermate and was experiencing the same problem and could not offer any solutions. Felicia, my rescued Burmese with allergies to just about everything, kept losing her hair and scratching her face until she bled and lost her whiskers. It took almost two months to get all four cats to adapt to their new diet. Actually, it would be more accurate to say it took almost two months to get all four cats to literally beg for the raw meat. Now, when I ask, “who’s hungry,” they run ahead of me to the kitchen and stand on their hind legs, watching me prepare their meal. The best, however, is how they’ve changed physically. Murphy and Lola have lost weight and have become physically active again, playful like kittens. Felicia’s hair has grown back and she rarely scratches anymore. But the miracle is the change that has taken place with Oliver. I can’t call him “Swampass” anymore because he produces solid, smell-free stools. As a matter of fact, there is no longer any odour at all in the litter box. The stools are much smaller and there is less to scoop. All four cats use just one litter box. There are none of the fillers and non-nutritional additives found in regular commercial foods – everything is essential and absorbed by the body. And while I may invest a little more on the cost of this diet, I save on litter, so it all balances out. My cats are lean, energetic, bright-eyed, and have silky, shiny coats.

I am so thrilled that I took the advice of these savvy, committed, intelligent women. My babies are healthy and that makes me very happy. When I first started writing this, I thought it would be a testimonial to the benefits of a raw food diet for our companion animals. In reality, I think it should also be a testimonial to a very special pet shop that actually cares about the health and wellbeing of my cats. Thank you, Natalie and Viki, for your support and encouragement. We couldn’t have done it without you!

- Dianne Goudreau  

I’ve shopped in different places before and I must say this is truly the best store in town. Friendly owner and staff and let's not forget their wonderful host, Natalie's dog Blu who greets us at the door. My cat Charlie adores their wide variety of raw food!

- Sandra Lahaie  

Super friendly, warm and welcoming staff in a wonderful store selling top quality items! It's a must visit for your 4 legged friends!

- Sebastian Bouchard  

Our dog Zoxie, who was given away by her original owners, came to us with half a bag of 'scientifically' designed kibble, which had been purchased at the Vet, and claimed to alleviate problems relating to a dry coat. I noticed that Zoxie scratched a lot and was not convinced of the merits of the food. When I started looking into it, I discovered that the kibble was full of dubious ingredients. Being a vegetarian who eats very healthfully, I am very conscious of good nutrition and couldn't get my mind around how this kibble could possibly be good for my dog let alone her coat. I started feeding her real food because that made the most sense to me but I was worried about whether I was giving her a balanced diet, and on a few occasions I gave her foods that were too rich for her and she ended up with diarrhea. I was beginning to feel that I would have to revert to kibble when I met Natalie with her two dogs. Something made me ask her what food her dogs were on. She told me about raw meat, talked about its benefits, and had me feel Bailey's coat. As soon as I felt that silky smooth fur I knew that this was the answer for me and my dog. Zoxie has been on raw ever since. Not only is her coat luscious and ultrasoft but she is brimming with vitality and has exceptionally clean teeth (she will be 3 in the Spring). Natalie, whom I now consider a friend, has been with us every step of the way, ready to answer queries, resolve problems and provide useful information. I love talking to Natalie and her staff about canine nutrition because they are so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. I look forward to going to buy dog food. Most importantly, I feel really confident that I'm doing the best by my dog, giving her everything she needs to stay active and ailment free for what I hope will be many years to come.

- Miriam Taylor  

Switching my four cats to a raw diet was the single best thing I’ve ever done for them. And while no scientific studies have been conducted on my cats to prove the validity of feeding them raw, let me add to the abundant body of anecdotal evidence. They are a very real testament to the importance of feeding a species appropriate diet to our carnivores.

Bodem, a wonderfully curious tabby, was the second of what would quickly become a gang of four cats. He was also my introduction to expensive vet visits and excessive amounts of worry. Before Bodem came into my life, I had a vague understanding of animal nutrition and knew in haphazard way that what I had been feeding my other cat Sebastian, wasn't the greatest. ‘Not the greatest’; understatement of my life.

When Bodem first arrived in my care, he was peeing blood. He had been treated for a suspected urinary tract infection with antibiotics, but a week or so later, there was still a significant amount of blood in his urine. He was very obviously in pain and all I had to help him was another round of antibiotics and some pain meds.

It wasn't until I started working in a specialty pet food store and learned the basics of obligate carnivore physiology and just how poorly regulated the pet food industry was, that I really understood just how bad commercial kibble was for my cats.

Despite feeding him the best quality kibble on the market, Bodem would continue to suffer from episodes of what I now know to be sterile cystitis: an inflammation of the bladder lining caused by chronic low grade dehydration. I had gotten used to the smell of ammonia in the apartment – I figured that with four cats, the notoriously noxious cat pee smell was to be expected.

That was until I made the decision to go raw. That ammonia smell? NOT NORMAL. It is a result of overly concentrated urine, and one of the first signs of bladder and urinary tract problems. Since being on raw, their litter no longer smells (at all) and Bodem’s agonizing bouts of cystitis have disappeared. Their fur is luxurious with very little shedding, they are slim, energetic and have much stronger immune systems than most of their feline peers.

Proper, species appropriate nutrition is everything.

- Viki Bristowe, Assistant Manager at Bailey Blu Pet Boutique