We believe in supporting our neighbourhood and community: we regularly donate dog/cat food to the NDG Food Bank, hold bi-weekly cat adoption days in-store with Moustache Montreal Adoptions, fundraise for various non-profit organizations and are a regular drop off point for donations. We also  strongly believe in enriching the pet community through education: from the importance of adoption, to the evil’s of Quebec’s puppy/kitty mills (Bailey Blu has proudly signed a no puppy mill pledge), to the necessity of feeding high quality grain-free diets for the health of our companion animals.

We’re proud to have worked (and continue to work!) with the following organizations: Dans la rue, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue, Humane Society International, Pink Heals Montreal, Petits Pawz, Wicca K-9 Foundation and NDG Food Bank.    

“The staff at Bailey Blu are not only very welcoming but also incredibly knowledgeable. They're deeply devoted to promoting rescues and animal welfare and their commitment and sense of duty are both admirable and much appreciated by the rescue community and animal lovers alike. Adoption days and fundraisers held there have been very successful and having the opportunity to work with the Bailey Blu team for these events has made a tremendous difference for us.”

Annie Primeau Volunteer with Moustache Adoptions Montreal and Wicca's K-9 Justice Foundation     

“Bailey Blu not only shows the utmost respect for animals by choosing not to sell them in their store, they also help homeless animals in need. They regularly participate in community events that promote education, raise much needed funds, and host animals for adoption who successfully find loving homes. Rather than being part of the problem by irresponsibly selling animals that often end up homeless, they have chosen to an active part of the solution. Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue cannot thank Bailey Blu enough for their support in hosting  our adoption events, but also in the tremendous fundraising efforts that they have taken upon themselves to help our animals receive much needed medical care. Ruby-Sue for instance, was a young handicapped puppy abandoned on the side of the road in October 2011. She needed extensive medical care, and through the support and fundraising efforts of Bailey Blu, she received all the care she needed. Each time you make a purchase you have the opportunity to 'vote with your wallet', and supporting a local businesses that actively helps homeless animals in need like Bailey Blu, means that you are voting for a better community for animals around us.”

Caroline Ross Founder of Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue