Bailey & Blu Our Namesake

Oh Bailey! The sweetest Vizsla this side of the Saint Lawrence River!

Bailey was a gentle soul. And while he was also very sensitive, in all other respects he was the complete opposite of Blu. He was born the summer of 1996, and at a wee 8 weeks old, was picked up in Gloucester, Ontario and brought home to Montreal. He was a food thief, a seasoned runner and was happiest under the covers cuddling with his mum. He passed away April, 2010 at 14 years old and has been dearly missed ever since.

Bailey was:

The very best food thief: he stole rum cakes, entire loaves of bread, bagels and syrupy waffles from Amsterdam!

Bailey loved:

Cuddling and walks up at the Summit.

Bailey was scared of:

Thunder and walking over grates or man hole covers.

Oh Blu! What would our store be without our beloved Vizsla?

Blu is a purebred Vizsla (Hungarian Pointer) who was born in the wee hours of the night to a lovely breeder in Orillia, Ontario some three years ago. At a tender 9 weeks old, he was whisked away to his forever home in Montreal where he has been ever since! Blu has been on a raw diet from the moment he was brought home and is the sveltest looking Vizsla this side of Hungary!

Blu is:

Stubborn, a leaner (doesn’t matter whose legs he’s leaning against), wicked smart, impatient, and ridiculously lovely.

Blu loves:

Running through the woods chasing squirrels, gloves, sitting on laps, and eating really stinky tripe.

Blu is scared of:

Cats (and kittens).